Services & Expertise

Forget retainers. 1492 focuses on projects.
What does project work mean?


Professional Editing and Speechwriting:

*White glove proofreading for those white papers, RFPs, annual reports, newsletters, and other documents that need a fresh set of (confidential) eyes on them by someone who enjoys the “Where’s Waldo” search for the minor, yet significant edits that impact your reputation

*Proofreading with heavier edits – when a draft is started but needs more writing assistance and formal editing

*Speechwriting, particularly keynote and commencement addresses


Conference Moderating and Group Facilitation and Education:

*Moderating conference discussions (particularly skilled at getting people talking)

*Leading “Lunch and Learn” or conference sessions for corporations and associations interested in further developing employees

          *Personal Goal Setting
          *Effective Message Delivery
          *Advocacy 101
          *Building Relationships


Communications Strategy:

*Consultation on strategy

*Research, including scholarly work, because I’m a nerd who shuts down the library

*Share those great ideas in your head that you just don’t have time to develop and have me start the leg work for you, so you can then take it to the next level